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Best Advice for Playing Winning Poker

When it comes to playing poker online, the only thing you need to be concerned about is having more chips at the end of the night then when you started. Too many players are making huge mistakes with their play and winding up waking up to a zero casino balance when only a few small changes to the game can have huge positive results. Before you sit down at the online poker tables, try to consider the following.

Thinking Your Money is Just a Number

If you sit at the online poker table with $100 dollars and keep thinking you can't lose your $100, in no time at all you will have lost exactly $100. The trick is to stop thinking about it as money and more as a number. You are starting with 100 points and the goal here is to leave the table at least 20% higher than when you sat. Play slow, fold junk, push with strong starting hands, and before you know it your chip count will be $125 or more. Grab your chips before the luck at the table turns and take a break. There are plenty of other table to sit and and start this all over again.

Stop Checking Your Casino Bankroll

Players who are at the poker site with scared money, money they can not afford to lose, usually are checking their account balance hourly. Again, consider it just a number to keep score, and if you are pulling out each time you make 20% at the tables, you will have a growing bankroll before you know it. Make it a point to check your balance maybe once a week because it will make you play more relaxed when you are not looking so closely at your bankroll and just focusing on playing your game.