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Bluff Your Way to Monster Pots
Bluff Your Way to Monster Pots

One of the ways that you can grow your online poker room bankroll faster is by getting good at bluffing. This is something you have to become aware with when playing poker online, if you can't bluff, you can't win. Here are just some tips that will help you bluff and give you an understanding why this needs to be the focus of your attention if you are going to escalate your bankroll.

Why Do I Have to Bluff?
The bottom line with online poker is that the best hand usually does not win the pot. In fact, watch a few hours of poker on tv and you will see that when the hands are folded before the river, the person with the best hand is usually out of the hand. The way a person bets usually represents their hand strength, and when a player is holding even a pair of jacks, queen,s and kings, and that ace hits the board, they will fold if a player pushes because they think they have been out flopped. It all comes down to table presence when you are pulling off the ultimate bluff.

How Can I Learn to Bluff
For one thing, you need to pick your spots carefully. If you bluff and show your hand every time, then the table will rarely believe you when you try to take the pot. Instead, watch the other players and how they limp around the pot. Then, when you see a big enough pot building and the board looks like it didn't help anyone, make your move. The other players will not have connected and just won't want to take a risk getting to the river if you made the nuts. They will live to play another day while you grab their chips now.