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Bust Out the Opposition at the Poker Table
Bust Out the Opposition at the Poker Table

The key to being successful playing online poker is all about busting out players regardless what hands you have. If you were going to wait for the nuts each hand, your chips would disappear just from the blinds and antes each round. To ensure your chips are going in the right direction, you have to learn the keys to making the right moves even when you have the worst hand at the table. The following information will help you to score all the chips on the table more easily.

The Power of the Pot Bully
Once you decide that you want to take the pot, you have to get ready to play like you have the nuts from the get go. Start the hand by raising the pot before the board is dealt. Next, if you get any re-raises, go over the top until you see the flop. Regardless what the flop, think about it for a few seconds and then bet the pot or more. If you have anyone left after all this, simply do not allow them to see the river, so bet is all in at the turn. This will scare off the rest of the table and score you a very nice pot.

Bluffing When the Board Pops the Ace
Another way that you can score some very easy pots is by playing the board when the ace drops on the flop. If you noticed that no one really bet before the flop, chances are good no one is holding the ace. The ace that drops on the board is the perfect opportunity to hit an easy score. Bet big to give the impression you are holding the ace, protecting the ace, and trying to run off any draws. Most of the time this play works like a dream.