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How to Avoid Looking Like a Weak Player at Online
How to Avoid Looking Like a Weak Player at Online


How to Avoid Looking Like a Weak Player at Online Poker

One of the biggest problems that you have when playing poker online is that if you appear weak, then other players will target your chip stack and slowly separate you from your stack. With thousands of players at the online poker tables, you may not realize who has your number and is following you from table to table to push you off your stack and bluff you out of your money. Here are a few ways to appear stronger so that other players do not pick on you and your money.

Keeping a Low Profile

A low profile when playing online poker is not what you think. Playing online, you already are hiding behind a computer or mobile device screen, and that may give you a false sense of security. That is not enough, you need to go deep under cover so no one can gather details easily on you. This means to turn off the player chat feature so you stop telling the world your business and how you play hands. Next, you have to stop flashing hole cards each time you bluff because you are growing a long list of enemies who are going to get their chips back without you even realizing it.

Avoiding Betting Patterns

One of the things with playing online is you tend to develop betting patterns based on being comfortable. You tend to check the blinds, then fold if anyone raises. You will check the flop and fold to a raise, you will check an ace on the board, then fold to a raise. If you are doing this all the time, other players can manipulate you and grab your chips at will. Develop odd betting patterns so to keep everyone from gathering tells on your play each session.