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Playing Poker and Winning Monster Pots Each Day
Playing Poker and Winning Monster Pots Each Day

There really is nothing like the feeling of winning a huge pot playing poker online. Many players are making more money in one session that people working at their grind 9 to 5 jobs for the week. The key here is learning the skills to win on a consistent basis so that you can start growing your bankroll rather than reaching for your credit card to deposit week after week. Here are a few simple things you can start doing today to change up your play and win those big pots.


Mixing Up How You Bet

One of the only ways that a player get spot tells on another while playing poker online is to watch the way that they bet. The players who get too comfortable playing poker online will make the same bets again and again. These players will check the pot, then fold if anyone raises. These players will never raise the blinds, and will easily give theirs up if a raise comes in. They fold on the river when a draw gets there and anyone bets, and if you are making these plays you are on someones radar today. Mix up your bets so that no one can spot patterns in your play and start targeting you.


Learning to Keep a Low Profile

The easiest way to keep a low profile is to stop letting people know all about you. Stop using the online chat to tell about your bad beats or the cards you keep getting. Stop flashing your hole cards after a bluff, you are just giving away too much information to other players that they will use to come after your chip stack down the road when you are not paying attention. If you are trying to make friends online, go join a discussion group instead.