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How to Go From Weak to Strong Poker Player

When you play poker online, you have the ability to literally go from a weak player to an expert by just making a few changes to your current play. The problem for most players is they continue to do things the same at the online poker tables yet expect a different result. If you are tired of losing money playing poker online, this information will change the way other players look at you and how fast your bankroll will grow.

Bluffing with Authority at the River

One of the most painful things in online poker is slow playing a big hand and then getting beat on the river by someone who made their hand with that last card. This is something ever poker player experiences, and something they do not want to ever feel again if they can avoid it. knowing this, you can now push the issue on the river even if you do not have the hand. When the river makes the straight or flush, now is the time to push the bet and force others to fold. They will fold their hands rather than pay up and have to suffer a bad beat once again. This is a win-win for you.

Using the Ace Often on the Board

The odds of you getting the ace in your hand is not as good as you might think. For this reason, when an ace hits the board, many people have to really look at how the hand was played to see if someone connected or not. This is another chance for you to crush a player who let you in the hand cheap. If you didn't have to pay too much to see the flop and an ace appears, you bet big and they fold again.