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The Keys to Dominating the Online Poker Tables
The Keys to Dominating the Online Poker Tables


The Keys to Dominating the Online Poker Tables

The keys to dominating at the online poker tables come down to you making small changes to the way that you play in your environment. Because you are playing usually in a room alone, you have to be very careful that you are not making the same mistakes over and over again that are putting you at risk of becoming the fish at the table.


Focus on these plays to see if you have some holes in your poker boat that need to be filled immediately.


If you are flashing your hole cards after bluffs or you feel this urge to have to show the other players that you folded a decent hand to a bluff, you are giving away key information that the smart players are going to use down the road to continue to crush you. Eliminate this play from your online poker game.


The online chat box is a great resource to listen to how other players are making moves. Never chat yourself, just peek in their once in a while and see where the players are who complain about bad beats, or bad starting hands, or the fact they keep getting bluffed off of any decent hands. If they say this enough, they are giving you a basic road map on how to beat them time and time again in later hands.


The distractions around you are killing your chances of winning big pots. When you are talking on the phone with friends, posting on Facebook, or watching your favorite television show and playing online poker, you are missing chances to make moves that could increase your chip stack. Eliminate those distractions or play later.


Never drink alcohol and play online poker. This is only going to cloud your judgement and crush your chance to win money.