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The Keys to Eliminating Being Bullied at the Poker
The Keys to Eliminating Being Bullied at the Poker


The Keys to Eliminating Being Bullied at the Poker Tables

When you play in a certain manner at the online poker tables, it can be simple for other players to tell you are weak. This is usually when they go on the attack and raise your blinds, push out off hands, and make sure that any time you bluff they are there to raise you off the pot. The easiest way to throw the scent off from those bullies is to make a few changes to your game as outlined below:


1. Stop flashing your hole cards when you bluff. You only give away information for free or you could get another player so mad they follow you from table to table determined to get even with what you did to them.


2. Learn to mix up betting patterns before others know what moves you make before you do. This means you have to be willing to bet more and raise each round. You have to fold the blinds and raise the blinds, and well as raising over the top of an aggressive player.


3. The best way to keep others from knowing you are weak or a rookie to playing poker online is to stop telling everyone. If you have the table chat feature turned on and you are spilling your guts about every hand you folded, every time you got bluffed on the river, or how you have not seen any premium hands this hour, you just told the table all they need to know about your game.


4. Don't fold each time a player raises your blind or the bot, call or raise back and you will find more players stop trying this move.


These simple tips will disguise the fact you are a rookie and allow you to get better each playing session.